Since I won't be updating Prom to Altar much anymore, here are some links to past posts and websites that might be of interest to someone at some point:

  • Professional photos of our wedding day by Paul Grupp and Brenda Topkins, as well as our engagement photos, are here. These aren't the final versions of the photos (we received the final high res versions of these as well as additional photos on DVD), but the majority of our proofs are there. Paul and Brenda also blogged our wedding here.
  • Photos from our wonderful guests are here and here and here (photo to the right by Rich).
  • You can also go to this set on Flickr to see my photos from the planning process as well as some video snippets from the wedding.
And here are some other wedding planning and marriage prep posts, as well as some wedding day posts:

peeps.jpgI never quite got to recapping the reception, so maybe I'll do that at some point. But for now, that's that-- we planned a wedding and prepared for a marriage, our wedding was fun and lovely, and married life is swell! Thanks for following along, I've met some great people through this blog. I hope to see you (well, hear from you) over at It's Loverly!

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_MG_0260 243.jpg
_MG_0168 153.jpgmike-pat-singing.jpg

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Answers and updates

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Happy new year!

As I've said, whenever I feel the urge to blog these days I'm doing it over at my other blog, It's Loverly. I did want to write about a couple of wedding-related things though and answer a few questions that have popped up in the comments of this blog. So here I am.

The post on our homemade photo booth generated some questions I wanted to answer.
First, our photo printer. We did some research and ended up buy the HP Photosmart A612. For about $150, this is a really nice printer. The print quality is great, it's very compact, it prints up to 5x7 photos, and the supplies aren't ridiculously expensive. The printer did great as the photo booth printer, although a lot of people didn't print their photos (no big deal, as we had all the photos on the camera and printed them at home).  We've used it quite a bit since the wedding, and it's fared very well. It even survived a rather violent fall from the table to the floor, almost entirely unscathed save for one slightly loose part. I highly recommend this printer if you're looking for an inexpensive and compact photo printer (a bonus: Staples sells a generic and budget-friendly version of the photo paper it uses).

As for the construction of the photo booth backdrop, this was all Patrick's ingenuity. He built the frame out of PVC piping. Here's the only photo we have of the frame without the fabric over it--


Patrick's mom sewed the fabric backdrop for us. We originally thought about using some fun pattern for the background of the booth, but ended up going with black when we couldn't find anything else we liked. It worked very well. (Again, full set of photo booth photos can be seen here.)

photo-dvd.JPGOver the next month or so we're wrapping up the remaining wedding stuff. Just before the holidays we received the DVDs of our final high res wedding photos (and some bonus video clips) from our photographers, Paul Grupp and Brenda Tompkins. This week they sent us the link to the digital proofs for the layout of our coffee table book. We have some changes, but overall we're very happy with it. (You can see the proofs here.) The books are printed in Japan, so once we finalize the layout it will be four to six weeks before we have the books in hand. Once the book layout is done, we'll also be getting a slide show of our photos from Paul and Brenda.  And once we have that, our wedding photo process will be complete. There are a few other things floating around out there-- the video our friend did for us, some guest photos we haven't seen yet, but for the most part all the loose ends are being tied up.

Last week I saw my friend Kerry, who got engaged to our friend Dave in November. I passed along my slew of wedding magazines and books (many of which I inherited from someone else). It felt good to pass them along for someone else to enjoy, and great to get them out of our home! It's amazing how much I don't miss wedding planning, not one little bit. I was recently going through a stack of papers and found wedding to-do lists from early in the summer. I just felt a tremendous sense of relief that we are done with wedding planning forever. This "post-nuptial depression" thing? I never felt it. I've been too busy loving married life.


I realized that I never posted any photos of our completed invitations. Our friend Meg (who also happens to be Pat's cousin's wife-- my cousin-in-law?) designed our invitations and helped us assemble them. We are forever indebted to her for this sweet and rather huge gift. The design she came up with was perfect, and we could never have executed such a project without her!

To be honest, the invitations were a huge project and caused quite a bit of stress. I love how they came out, but the process was rather trying! Paper that was discontinued, printer issues, printing issues (and more printing issues), it just went on and on. Thank goodness for Meg's guiding hand.

Here they are:

Envelopes, with calligraphy by a family friend-


close up.jpg

invitation-inside-full.JPGThe colors are a little tough to see-- the swirl, our names, and the large fonts on the right are all a deep purple. The smaller font is light brown.


invite-inserts.jpg(One of my favorite parts-- the bottom of the response card said: "The back of this card may be used to draw a picture, compose a haiku, or write a note." You can see photos of some of the results at the end of this post.)

We used the swirl design in a bunch of other wedding stuff-- programs, table numbers, and the wedding website.

Due to a family emergency, we ended up back in Albany the same day our invitations were ready to go in the mail. They went out a few days late, but the way it worked out, we were able to have our invitations hand-canceled-- not only that, but they were hand-canceled by Pat's aunt. See, every little bit of these invitations had love poured in to it. I wasn't in a very good frame of mind at the time, but I wish we'd taken pictures at the post office. Oh well, the memory is a nice one.


To make the invitations we used:
-Kraft Pocketfolds from Cards & Pockets
-Kraft flourish paper from Paper Source. When we bought it it was printed on Kraft paper. Now they print it on their Eco White paper, which is much flimsier and far more lightweight.
-Cardstock for the invitation and inserts was Classic Crest -- really nice paper. The envelopes were also Classic Crest, ordered from EnvelopeMall.

And here's Pat in Meg's studio, hard at work (this was definitely a team effort on behalf of the two of us, Meg, and her husband Steve.)


Photo cards

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Because we are obsessed with photos, we ordered photo sharing cards to have at our reception. We were crushed when they didn't arrive in time (despite the guarantee from that they would).

Since our guests weren't able to see them, I thought I'd at least share them here. I loved the design Pat came up with. These were postcards, and our plan was to have a few at each table, on the bar, and by the photo booth. Oh well...

The front-




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So, um, I feel a little funny telling you this but, uh... I'm blogging elsewhere these days. I'll be back here to finish the recap, but that probably won't happen until I have some time off around Christmas.

I'm going to blog about non-wedding related life on a brand spankin' new blog. You can find me here.

I'm not gone for good, but from now on my most frequent posting will be on that blog. See you there?

Ok, so the trolley as a mode of wedding transportation is a bit trendy right now. I thought the idea was charming, but originally assumed it was out of our budget. And then I priced limos large enough to hold 12 people (the two of us plus our wedding party). The prices were high, and SUV limos that were very much not our style were often the only option.

So we looked into the trolley. It turned out to be very economical-- half of what a limo (or two) would be, and the local trolley company had a great reputation.

What I didn't realize was how fun the trolley would be. The 25-minute ride from the ceremony to the reception was our time to hang out with our wedding party (our best friends) with out anything else to do. My maid of honor/sister stocked the trolley with snacks and beverages, we toasted, and the cars around us (to whom we were easily visible since the trolley had open sides) celebrated with honking and cheering. The ride was a blast.

_MG_9263 1988.jpg
_MG_9511 2231.jpgThe next few photos are by our friend and groomsman Rich:

And a few more from the pros, Paul and Brenda of Upstate Photographers:

_MG_9632 2343.jpg
_MG_9609 2326.jpg(on the left there above is Rich, taker of that first bunch of lovely photographs.)

_MG_9601 2319.jpg
_MG_9639 2350.jpg
_MG_7746 1026.jpg
We hired the Albany Trolley via the Albany Aqua Ducks. The price, the service, and the trolley were all great.

America, beautiful

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"That's the true genius of America: that America can change. Our union can be perfected. What we've already achieved gives us hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow." -President-elect Barack Obama, November 4, 2008

Love is love

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I don't live in California, but I will be watching this ballot issue closely. I am lucky enough to live in a state in which gay marriage is legal. I work with many people who are married to same sex partners, and I assure you, their marriages are not a threat to mine. In fact, their marriages are an inspiration to me-- commitment to love in the face of discrimination and fear is admirable.

I have many dear friends for whom marriage is not legal in the states in which they live. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy that we experienced on our wedding day. Everyone should be able to publicly celebrate their love and commitment with their family and friends if they choose. There's no reason that Patrick and I should benefit from our legal commitment while others, equally in love and committed for life, should be excluded from those benefits. It just doesn't make sense.

I live in a very accepting area of a very accepting state. Around here, it is the norm to see and interact with and know couples of all backgrounds and all varieties. Love is love.  No one else's love is a threat to mine, or something to be afraid of. Love is love, people are people.

If you are in California, vote no on prop 8. To borrow from Meg, "Stand up for human rights, for equal rights, and stand up for all that is good and pure and true about marriage."

Love is love.

weddinghands.jpg Image by Darryl Bush,  AP Photo

Last winter/spring, I managed to keep up a "photo-a-day" project for 51 days, starting on my 27th birthday (not 51 days consecutively, but close). I really liked this project-- it fell apart when life got hectic, which is really no excuse.

I'm going to resume the project tomorrow, Nov. 1. My trusty little Canon Powershot has been upstaged by our shiny new Nikon D80 and has been nearly forgotten, but it's really so easy to carry around and always have on hand.

This entry also brings up the question of whether or not I'm going to move on over to a non-wedding obsessed blog. I think the answer is yes. I've lately been feeling a desperate need to re-connect with a bit of creativity. I'm thinking about a blog focused on that goal. I still have to think about it, but I'll let you know.

A couple of my favorite photo-a-day captures from the last project:

February 26, 2008

easter.jpgMarch 23, 2008

rrtracks.jpgApril 12, 2008

Musical interlude

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It happens very rarely, but I do love it when our first dance song comes on the radio in the middle of the work day. It's a nice four minute mental vacation (yes, the song is long-- we were worried about how long it was and we considered having the DJ fade it out half way through, but decided to leave it as it was. No one complained about it, at least not to us). 

The last of the little details and the last post about "stuff": our centerpieces, favors, and a few other bits from around the reception.


Our centerpieces were one of my favorite details, and one of the best budget finds. Someone who had used them in her wedding a year earlier was selling them on Craigslist, and we bought 15 of these trees from her for $15 each. We had 17 tables, so I bought two more similar centerpieces off Ebay for under $5 a piece. We sold 12 centerpieces the day after the wedding (we kept one and each set of parents kept one).

centerpiece-closeup.jpg(The venue was supposed to put tealights on the mirrors around the trees--
somehow this detail fell through the cracks. Oh well.)

Our wedding was the third wedding these centerpieces were used at, they'll be used at another wedding next fall, and probably more after that. It's the ultimate in reusing!

We had big plans for our table numbers when we started planning-- we were going to use photos of places that were important to us and name the tables after those significant places in our relationship. We were going to make escort cards using photos that matched the table names... yeah, nice idea, didn't happen. This is one of those projects that kept getting pushed back until the very last minute, and we ended up going simple. We used the swirl design from our invitations (I still haven't shared those here, eh?) and put each number in a different gold-toned frame. Not as cutesy as we'd originally planned, but they did the job.


Our "Head Table" was a family table consisting of us, our parents, Pat's grandmother, and our siblings.
Our wedding party sat with their guests and our friends at tables on either side of us.


Our favors were photo coasters. We've been using coasters like these on our own coffee table since we moved in together. The favor tags are Moo cards that we had made from our favorite engagement photos, with our names and wedding date on the back. We found these coasters at Christmas Tree Shops-- cheaper and better quality than the specific "wedding favor" coasters on The Knot Shop and the like.

favor.jpgThe photo inside was one of the four "photo booth" photos that we used on our save the date postcards. The overall design was a reference to our save the dates.

favor2.jpgMy Italian mom wouldn't let me get away with not having jordan almonds (although I can't say I like them). These were entirely her project, and they came out very cute. The back of the tag explained the tradition of the five almonds.

We framed some of our engagement photos and put them around the reception room. Yeah, we used these photos in a few places, but that's the thing with engagement photos-- you end up with a whole bunch of great photos of the two of you and you really only have use for a couple. We figured we may as well display a handful of them while we could, because we certainly aren't going to plaster the walls of our apartment with pictures of us.
 engagementphoto.jpggifttable.jpgWe also put out the book we made of our engagement photos. I don't know if anyone noticed it or looked at it, but it was there. The flower arrangement is the same one from the memorial area at the church- we reused both church arrangements at the reception. That card box was the emergency back up when the cage we were going to use didn't work out. Wouldn't be my top pick, but no one seemed to judge us for it.

Alright, so I think that covers most of the "stuff". Next up I'll show you some more photos of the reception and tell you about some of my favorite moments.

On this wet, gray, and cold late October day, it's been nice to relive the wedding a little!

Photos in this post by Upstate Photographers and Michele.


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Here we are trying to figure out how to cut that infamous cake without causing a confectionery disaster... 

If you've found your way here via A Practical Wedding, welcome! The design of this blog is lacking, but you can read more about our wedding (and see the photos) by following these links:

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